Feeling Good

Feeling Good is about living in the moment, sinking into the senses, relaxing the mind.

When my mind is racing with tension, when I worry about the future and feel sad or angry about the past, my body tenses up. It’s like watching a movie in my mind, a scary movie, and my body follows the anger and worry and sadness. There is no peace.

But when my mind can return to the moment, my body can relax, my lungs fill with air, my skin can feel the fresh breezes, and all troubles disappear.

When I am laughing with friends, when I have had a great massage, when I have danced and then relaxed deeply on the floor, Well Being rushes through me, like a wave rushing through me from my head to the bottom of my feet. Warmth circulates through my arms and chest, and my brain slips into a peaceful trance. Good memories from long ago rise easily into my consciousness.

A few years ago, my life was not as peaceful. I had a good job, and a good apartment, but each day was a step on a road that never seemed to change. Where was the end? It looked very much like where I was now.

But in learning bodywork at Esalen, and receiving bodywork, and watching the stars at night, and being far away from any computers or mobile phones, something opened up. And as it opened up bigger and bigger, more great feelings could rush in.

You don’t have to chase good feelings. You don’t have to force them into your body.

You just have to OPEN, and the feelings will rush in.

If you can’t open a lot, open a little. Right now. Take a deep breath, and stare into the sky, and put your consciousness on the life force in your body. Open, and see what happens. Then do it again!

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