You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful.

You may not believe it, you may not feel it, you may not think so when you look at yourself reflected in the mirror, but you are.

Every cell of your beautiful body vibrates with LIFE.

Everything you are is because of LOVE, of the love of your parents’ bodies, and the thousands of lives that came before them.

Before you were born, you were beautiful. You lived inside the warm embrace of your mother’s belly, and the food she ate nourished you. Her body gave part of its life to you, and you never had to ask.

Maybe your mother wanted you, maybe she was frightened to have you, maybe she was loving, maybe she was cruel, but no matter who she was, some force in the Universe wanted you, and gave you life.

You became two cells, then four and eight. One day your tiny heart started beating. One day a spark of life crossed your tiny brain, and where there had been nothing, there was thought and sensation and CONSCIOUSNESS.

You were a baby, and you were beautiful. You were wrapped in warmth. You were given food. When you slept, every night, the life force moved through you, building you. Every cell worked together, and the air filled your lungs, and water and food turned to blood and bone and muscle.

You smiled, and smiles came showering back on you. Maybe not every time, but you…your beautiful tiny smile, if we could go back in time and see it now, our hearts would melt. And that was YOU.

Once upon a time, someone held you close to their warm body, and you needed nothing, and your body filled with LOVE.

You were a child, and you were beautiful. You explored the world, and the world got bigger every day. One day you noticed the trees, and you ran to them. One day you saw snow, and you laughed as it fell, and it was magic. One day you noticed the stars, and you pointed to them, breathless.

You learned to run, and your body ran! You learned to laugh, and you laughed, happy and free. And if we could go back in time, and hear you laugh, and watch your beautiful face, our hearts would lift with joy.

You were a teenager, and you were beautiful. Your body took shape, your personality formed, and there was no one in the world like you.

And you may have been the most beautiful guy or girl in the school, or maybe not, but it doesn’t matter…

Either way, you are beautiful. If you could go back to the pain and emotion of those years, you would see grace, energy, power and potential. You would see love.

And you reached out to the people around you, and you read and found things you loved most out of all the things in the world, and your personality took shape around the things you loved, no matter how bad things were you had dreams, and dreams are just wanting the things you love.

And in your mind you remembered something beautiful, and there were moments that the world seemed to stop, the energy flowed in your body, and you felt the power of LIFE.

And you grew up, and now you are beautiful.

Every moment, life flows through you like a river or ocean, and behind you stands a billion years of life, all formed from nothingless, and forming you.

And no matter how you feel or what you see, you are alive. You can open your heart at any moment, and FEEL.

You can feel sad, or afraid or angry. The world can turn its back on you, or so it seems. But you can’t escape the truth…

The thought is only a moment, a breath, a smile away.

You are beautiful.
You are beautiful.
You are LIFE.
Remember it!

And if you forget it, say to yourself…

We will believe
Despite any and all feelings or thoughts to the contrary
That we are beautiful
That we deserve love
That we love ourselves
That when we lose this feeling we will close our eyes take a deep breath and return to the senses,
to feel and see and hear and touch and taste…

That our life is a journey
There are bad feelings and good
But in the end and every moment in between we ride a river of LOVE, of LOVE
When we forget, let’s help each other remember
When we feel it, let’s enjoy it!
And when we remember, let’s give a gift to ourselves…LOVE and TOUCH and JOY
We are beautiful
We are loved
And as we feel and touch and breathe, we remember it!

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