Will Your Bones Care?

Will your bones care?

When you die, will your bones care about the argument you just had at work? Or about the terrible thing your parents did years ago, or about the fight you had with your partner last night at dinner? Those things that hurt so much you just can’t let them go…will your bones care?

Will your bones care about the days you spent working late at the office, or the times you didn’t say “I love you” because you were afraid, or the dreams you never had time to follow? Will your bones care about the friends you once loved but you stopped calling, or the truth you felt but never said, or the risks you almost took, or the people you almost touched?

Will your bones care that you were lost, that you were afraid, that you didn’t know, that you couldn’t touch, that you never took the chance? That you never took a deep breath and made the call, said the words, took the risk, let the smile shine through?

When you die, your bones won’t care about any of this. But who will?

The people you can love, right now.
  The person you can become, right now.
    The lives you can change, right now.
      The journey you can begin, right now.

All these things matter, and might last beyond the short span of your life.

Because when you’re gone, when only your bones are left,
  those bones won’t care about anything.

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