Speaking to the Universe

I remembered sitting in an onsen at night…

I looked up into the vast starry sky
And I thought,
how beautiful

I sank down into the warm tub
And I felt my body melt into the water
And I thought, how amazing

I felt the cool breeze on my face
And thought of how perfect everything was
At just that moment

And I realized,
the Universe gave all of this to me
So I said, to the sky, Thank you for these gifts

And then I had a strange thought.
If the Universe gave these wonderful things to me
Did it ask for anything in return?

So I asked the night sky,
What would you like in return for these gifts?

And from the night sky
the Universe answered

Your body, when the time comes

The best you can do, until that time

And finally…
Stop fighting me.
Stop trying to push the world out of shape with your
racing thoughts and clever plans

Release your bad feelings and
Just flow to the things you love
Quickly and strongly

That is what I ask in return

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