Our Bodies Don’t Lie

Our bodies don’t lie. Women seem to understand this better than men, and children better than grown-ups. 

Even when we don’t speak, our bodies speak for us. Long before language, we humans knew each other, and knew about each other, through the voices of our cells, our senses, and our impressions, which became the One Voice of our intuition. 

Who to trust, who to love, who to fear, and how to survive came through us, in clear signals that kept us alive. We are all alive today because long ago these beings we once were survived and thrived, before language, in a world more dangerous than the one we live in now.

And the beautiful thing is, it seems that this intuition still lives within us, living behind the voices in our minds.

Take a moment right now to take a breath and let your senses reach out into the world around you.

Breathe, and feel. When I do this I can feel something inside me, something protecting me, watching the world around me, ever alert and waiting to speak to me. 

In the best of times, it is a benevolent force, connected to the universe, watching out for us, as it has for a million years before. 

Thinking too hard, letting my mind recycle old thoughts, worrying about the past or future, all seems to cover and cloud this amazing sense.

But breathing, relaxing, I can find it again. It is a part of me that will live as long as I do.

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