The Doorway to the Body

The best things in my life have come through the doorway to my body.
Feeling, intuition, pleasure.

My thoughts and my mind can support me, can analyze the world, can direct me in a logical way. But directing my mind with my thoughts has usually meant solving problems that other people have decided are important.

But the messages that come through the doorway to my body don’t steer me wrong. They are real.

For example, I had watsu a few weeks ago, at night. It was a dancing, flowing, beautiful session performed in a warm pool, as I relaxed and the watsu practitioner guided me through the water. As the session went on, she moved me back and forth, fast and slow, the water gliding past my skin and the cool night all around me, until I felt like I floated in outer space. My mind vanished, and a sense of well being filled my body.

Then I then watched “M” get watsu. Her body made beautiful patterns under the white lights of the watsu pool, like stars trailing behind her as she flowed around and into circles, relaxing into the soft current.

In these moments I felt no worry, no anxiety, just peace and a sense of connection and right action.

Good things come through the doorway to the body. So why do we resist it, and try and live in our minds? Why do we fear the doorway?

I think it’s because bad things also come through the doorway to the body.
Addiction, anger, rage, jealousy, sadness, suffering. All these things can rise up through our bodies, and can be difficult to understand.

So some of us retreat to our minds, where things can stay smooth and orderly.
But our mind has its own kind of suffering. Living in our mind is living with a lack of deep pleasure and connection to the things around us.

So how do we embrace the good parts of the body? What shows us the proper way through that door?

I think it’s the spirit.

The spirit can “screen” the messages of the body, letting through the love and peace and connection, while helping to release the anger, addiction and suffering.

If we open the doorway to the body without embracing our spirit, we are right to fear what may come through. Addiction and suffering can rush through, as well as joy and connection.

But if we strengthen our spirit and open the door in an attitude of welcoming, little by little, always remembering what we seek, then love and connection and right action will enter our lives.

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